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The Order of Things

After watching a wolf woman stomp his friend to death, Rowan the fox plots revenge. But when his triumph is within reach, can he really be as cruel as he needs to be—and is the wolf really what he imagines? Explicit.

The Admission Interview

A troubled coyote girl—or perhaps a coyote girl who’s a lot of trouble—applies to a “last chance” high school, and tries to convince her interviewers to let her attend.

True Power

A Halloween story for 2011. A group of people try to summon a demon for a Halloween party. Most of them aren’t serious about it… but one of them is. And the demon may have her own reasons for appearing. Less “macrophile” than possibly anything else here and only a little furry, but if you like my other stuff you’ll probably like this, too.

Good Kitties

Two cats meet an attractive punk mouse girl who suggests she could “own” them, and become too intrigued for their own good. Explicit.

The Banishing Spell

Jeve and Juniper from “The Familiar” return! Jeve, now moderately successful as a traveling wizard, takes on what should be a simple case of banishing a minor demon while musing on the greater challenge of his relationship to the coyote spirit.

Malgin and the Queen of Death

A myth featuring Inanael, the goddess of death, who first appeared here in “If Lethe Should Be Passed.” If I may say so myself, it’s unexpectedly pretty.

The Familiar

Jeve has become an itinerant magician in a land where magic is being eclipsed by the new wonders of engineering and steam. His bad luck, though, changes when he finds a familiar—who may be much more than she appears.

If Lethe Should Be Passed

In the world of the Giants’ Club, godlike power flows like water and for many death is temporary inconvenience rather than final curtain. What do mortality and divinity really mean there? Arilin finds those answers in unexpected places.

Higher Learning

The Bigfurs website used to have a shared world setting about a community college where students and professors of all sizes and talents came together. Arilin was hired as a part-time instructor; this is the story of her first day.

Trompe L’oeil

When confronted with living artwork that can become whatever the audience imagines her to be, the gulf between desire and expectation can be fatal—or worse.

Easter Eggs

A brilliant (if foul-mouthed) programmer and her friend visit a virtual reality arcade and exploit a bug or two to wreak virtual havoc. Far from a deep story but pretty funny, and the “violence” is imaginary and cartoonish.

Rabbit in the Moon

A story based on a picture—Ken Cougar drew a giant rabbit girl dancing at a rave, and I imagined the story that went along with it. It’s neither violent nor (very) explicit, but does its best to be button-pushing as hell nonetheless.


Not all giants are rampaging warriors—some are diplomats. A gentle and somewhat reserved story of an imaginary colonial Africa.

Applied Mathematics

A story of a revolution against a wizardly ruling class, with unusual aid from an apprentice scribe. In addition to a sexy giantess, there’s a sexy giant and homoerotica—take that as advertisement or warning, depending on your preference. Extreme.

In For a Penny

A young cat whose impatience has landed him as a clerk in a magic store rather than as the wizard-in-training he wants to be finds himself taking out his frustrations on two imperious mice—with unexpected results. Explicit.

The Last Aspect

A science fiction story about artificial intelligence, religious intolerance, and a giant robot vixen. This is one of my favorite stories on the site. Violent.

Toy Soldiers

Two human soldiers in the near future pursue a terrorist group through a jump gate and find themselves waylaid by giant teen catgirls. (Whatever do you mean, “fan service”?)

Metamorphosis Day

What if the world suddenly contained animals, doing normal animal things, who just happened to be a couple orders of magnitude larger? Written in something of a modern magic realist style, and flirts with a little social philosophy. Violent.

Seeing the Angel

In many giant stories a normal person finds herself suddenly giant and goes on a rampage. That would be a highly psychopathic reaction, though, wouldn’t it? This story is the aftermath of someone who had just such a reaction. No real violence but—I’d like to think—creepy.

The Model

A rabbit photographer comes across a giant coyote woman sleeping in the desert, and ends up having a far more adventurous photo shoot than he’d expected. Explicit.

Bargaining with Kali

A novella-length work that I’ve joked is Attack of the 50-Foot Woman crossed with Blade Runner. Dystopic science fiction that happens to be about a giantess. Another one of my very strong favorites.


A try at a “Pied Piper” style tale—a traveling trinket seller visits a town with giant troubles, and offers to solve their problem, for a reasonable price.

Sarah Home Alone

In a deep magical forest legendary for its dangers, a gang of thieves come across a young squirrel girl living alone and decide to have their way with her—without considering that she may be one of those dangers. Extreme.

Cheating at Solitaire

The story Arilin is from—but not the fairly cultured Arilin of the later stories; this is Arilin when she was more of a sociopathic villain. Imagine a “Tom and Jerry” cartoon directed by Quentin Tarantino.

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Macrophilia—what is it that attracts us to it? This is an informal, not scholarly, essay exploring that question.


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